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CBDs are all over the plant

The entire weed plant, aside from the inside of the stems and the roots, does contain certain CBD.

The entire weed plant, except for the within of the stems and therefore the roots, does contain certain CBD.

This is because of the very fact that the resin glands are everywhere in the plant. Some parts, like the fan leaves, only produce/contain trace amounts of the required CBD and THC CBD. Although the mentioned glands are present during these reasonable leaves.

There are different types of leaves on the weed plant. Everyone who took a better look at a hemp bud should have already noticed that they include an enormous portion of trichome sparkled leaves. The leaves surrounding the buds, however, don't seem to be put within the same category because the big fan leaves involve the contained THC and CBD amounts.

Theoretically, it's possible to smoke nearly anything. If you're able to set fire to that, you'll be able to probably smoke it! And as soon as the rest of the oxygen enters your lungs, you'll alright feel a buzzing effect.

But getting a buzz from smoking whatever burns usually isn't because of possible CBD-contents and generally, will be risky. Ever heard of Carbon-Monoxide-Poisoning?

Another thing to keep in mind is that weed leaves might have been treated with unknown fertilizers so you may be sure of a totally unknown and totally risky ride. So if you're unsure how the plant has been grown, you may want to avoid it generally.